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Worried about investing fees?  Investing too frequently?  Not investing often enough?  FeeNimble is here to help.

There are many websites that calculate the impact of investing fees.  But they all miss on one important fact: the amount of fees you’ll pay almost always depends on how frequently you invest.  Only one calculator – FeeNimble – uses an advanced algorithm to compute the optimal investing frequency to minimize the impact of fees without compromising on profit – all customized to your investing situation.  FeeNimble is free, fast, anonymous, and easy – give it a try!

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Do you make regular investments in the fund/stock market?  If so, FeeNimble will almost certainly save you money!  Just enter in some basic investing parameters, FeeNimble will run through thousands upon thousands of scenarios to find the optimal investing schedule that minimizes the impact of fees without compromising on profit – and it’s all customized to your specific investing goals.  Plus, the FeeNimble calculator factors in fund-level, account-level, and managerial-level level fees, as well as short-term tax implications.

If you have a fund/stock in mind, head straight to the “Fee Reduction Calculator” below.  No investing product in mind?  No worries – start at the “Fund+Account Screener” below and it can help you narrow down your list.  Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.  We also encourage you to check out our short Finovate Demo video below for more details.

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Fund + Account Screener

First time to FeeNimble?  Check out our short Finovate demo video to see what we are about.